If you are looking for excellence in senior care, look no further than Heritage Health senior community. Heritage Health of Beardstown has been serving the seniors of Cass County since 1997. 

Heritage Health of Beardstown is a beautiful oasis where we fully care for our residents. It is our goal to provide excellent physical health services to seniors in need. When you stay at Heritage, you become a valuable member of our tight-knit senior community.

Take advantage of the wide variety of services we have to offer such as skilled nursing care, short-term care, and hospice care. We also provide a restorative program with a dedicated nurse who cares for our seniors. In addition to these fantastic services, we also offer RESTORE Therapy which includes speech, occupational, and physical therapies. Our team is also trained in IV care, wound care, and electrical-stimulation. Every person is unique, with a different story and needs. Our professionally trained and compassionate staff will get to know your loved one and provide the personalized care plan your senior deserves.

At Heritage, we don't limit our senior care to nursing and therapy. We treat the whole person by offering care from podiatrists and dentists, and transportation to and from doctor's appointments and other activities. We also have a barbershop/salon to keep our residents looking and feeling great.

When you walk in the door, you will immediately witness the family-friendly atmosphere of our senior campus. Our seniors retain a vibrant social life with many community activities available. We strongly encourage residents to bring items from home to personalize their rooms and make the space more comfortable. Our seniors will be treated as part of our family.

Heritage Health of Beardstown is committed to being more than just your everyday nursing home. We do things differently to make sure each person feels comfortable in their new home.

Our beautiful campus includes four total courtyards for our residents to enjoy. One of our courtyards is designed specially to appreciate the outdoors on a pleasant spring, summer, or fall day. Our buildings feature abundant windows, so our seniors receive natural light throughout their day. We also have a bird aviary in the day room where guests can watch our vibrant feathered friends.

Residents receive three meals a day in our comfortable restaurant-style dining room where seniors can enjoy a salad bar during lunch and dinner. When your loved one joins our family at Heritage Health, you can rest easy knowing we will care for them with excellence.

To see all that our beautiful campus has to offer, schedule a visit at Heritage Health of Beardstown today!