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Op-Ed from Health Care Council of Illinois

Nursing homes are a battleground in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. While nursing home professionals heroically work on the frontlines to protect and care for their residents, families and the community at large feel powerless as the numbers of diagnosed cases climb higher and higher. From the start, the coronavirus has been a moving ta...

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Healthy Lung Month & Respiratory Therapy


From a health observance prospective, October is often most associated with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But there is another important observance happening in October – Healthy Lung Month. Most of us probably do not pay our lungs much attention unless we experience trouble breathing. The most basic function of our lungs is to provide oxygen to o...

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Vitamins & Minerals for Seniors


We all have heard that we need lots of good vitamins and minerals as part of our diet and daily routine. Do you know the difference between these two materials? What are the most important ones as we age vs. when we are younger and developing? A quick definition of a vitamin is that they are organic materials. That means they can be broken down by ...

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The Benefits of Yoga for Seniors


Yoga and Seniors Yoga has been around for thousands of years. The yoga discipline originated in India and is defined as a system of physical and mental exercises that bring the body and mind together into a harmonious experience. In Sanskrit, yoga means to unite various parts to create balance in the mind, body and spirit. September celebrates Nati...

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Osteoporosis, Prevention & the Elderly


Bones are living tissues that are always changing. Our bones continue to grow and strengthen throughout our lives. A person achieves "peak bone mass" in their early 20s, this is when our bones are at their most dense. During a process called remodeling, our bones are dissolving and growing new cells.This process continues as we age and is necessary...

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Charlie’s Retirement + Benefits of Pet Therapy


Pet therapy is a scientifically proven method of therapy that offers tremendous benefits to people of all ages. It is proven to: Lower blood pressureImprove heart healthDiminish physical painInduce feelings of relaxation and promote stress relief Let's not forget that the act of petting a furry critter, whether it be a dog, cat, llama, horse, hedge...

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Aging and Vision: Common Senior Eye Diseases


Around age 40, a person's vision starts to change. Trouble seeing up close can require the use of special glasses or multi-focal contacts. Other common changes a person might notice as they age is a diminished ability to see colors or adjust to glare. These are normal occurrences that do not stop a person from living an active life. Common Eye Dise...

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Aging & Our Sense of Smell


Our sense of smell is one of our five senses. It is an important sense that can help alert us to potential threats: gas leaks, rotten food or the smell of a fire. It is also closely tied to parts of the brain that process memories and emotions. Like music, particular smells can trigger good or bad memories. Like many things that change as we age, o...

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