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“Since starting at Heritage I have had the greatest experience of any job I have had in the past. Everyone has been friendly and helpful and made me feel welcome and a part of the team.” – Employee from Heritage Health in Chillicothe, IL


“I love the fact that it is a small facility. I feel as though I can get to know my residents and their families better. The facility is more like a home than any other facility I have worked at. I love the fact that we all seem to be part of a big family instead of JUST employees.” – Employee from Heritage Health in El Paso, IL


“The family vibe at this facility is outstanding. Everyone works as a team, including the management. I have never worked somewhere where the management will come out of their office and help on the floor when needed. They make us feel important and always understand any of our concerns. They treat the nursing team with the up most respect and appreciate absolutely every single one of us.” – Employee from Heritage Health in El Paso, IL


“We’re a big family! We all have our bad days, but for the most part, everyone here gets along wonderfully. There have been days where multiple departments were short staffed, which is very hectic for everyone. But, those are the days where I feel like we’re all working together the best. It’s great when everyone works together and helps each other to achieve the same goal.” – Employee from Heritage Health in El Paso, IL


Awesome teamwork form management, to floor staff, to dietary and maintenance/housekeeping, and even the administrator. I’ve never worked for a company wher everyone pitches in and helps which benefits not the employees but the residents and their families.” – Employee from Heritage Health in El Paso, IL


“I like the feeling of family. All who work here, from housekeeping to administration work together to provide a healthy, safe environment for the residents who reside here. It’s amazing how much we care for the resident and the residents care for us. No matter how busy we are the staff always tries to go above and beyond with care.” – Employee from Heritage Health in Jacksonville, IL


“Heritage Health is a great place to work because the administration has always been grat and understanding towards myself and other hard-working employees. They genuinely care about the environment that they are providing for residents and always strive to make everyone feel welcome.” – Employee from Heritage Health in Jacksonville, IL


“I like that there are several locations. If you are unhappy with where you are, you can transfer to another location without having to leave the company altogether.” – Employee from Heritage Health in Jacksonville, IL


“I have never worked in a facility that genuinely seems to care about its employees; even when being disciplined, one feels as if management truly wants to help the situation.” – Employee from Heritage Health in Carlinville, IL


“You just get treated with respect.” – Employee from Heritage Health in Carlinville, IL


“I received my activity certificate through Heritage almost 20 years ago. I have since then been to 2 other homes and Heritage is by far the best of the best. Kind people wonderful surrounding and great hospitality to others who walk through our doors. I am not ashamed to say where I work to others in the community or on the street and I wear my Name badge with pride.” – Employee from Heritage Health in Carlinville, IL



Heritage Operations Group is proud to provide the senior population in Illinois with rehabilitative therapy services, skilled nursing care, specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care, assisted and supportive living, independent living and pharmacy services.


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