RESTORE Therapy Gym

  • RESTORE is the rehabilitative and restorative therapy program offered by St. Clara's Rehab.
  • RESTORE provides comprehensive therapy, offering physical, occupational and speech therapies in our Therapy Gym and Living Skills Retraining Studio.
  • Our primary goal is to RESTORE your health and provide you the tools you need to regain your independence and return home.

Luxury Private Suites

  • Dedicated Restore to Home Therapy Wing
  • Free WiFi and Cable
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Variety of Dining Options
  • Medical Transportation
  • Discharge Planning

Post-acute Care & Rehabilitative Therapy to Return Patients Home fast.

Our Focus

  • Reduced Length of Stays
  • Reduced Hospital Re-admissions
  • Patient-Focused Goals
  • Outcomes Driven

Clinical Capabilities

  • IV Fluids, Antibiotics, and Medications
  • CADD Pumps
  • Tube feedings and Management
  • Diabetes and Insulin Management
  • Special Diets and Fluid Restrictions
  • Labs, X-Rays, and EKGs
  • Management of Catheters and Drains
  • Peripheral IV Insertion and Management
  • PICC Management
  • O2, CPAP, Intermittent, BiPAP, and Suctioning
  • Wound Vac and Wound Care
  • Contact and Droplet Isolation
  • Private Bariatric Suites

Call for a pre-registration appointment today at 217-735-1507, ext. 1099.

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