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Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month

Every April we celebrate Occupational Therapy Month. This month recognizes the profession, the dedicated therapists and the therapy itself. Occupational therapy is a cornerstone of the RESTORE Therapy program at Heritage Health facilities across Illinois.

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy helps people of all ages regain their ability to perform meaningful, daily activities. At Heritage Health, our focus is helping the senior population restore their independence so they can live the most independent life possible. Both cognitive and physical challenges can be addressed and improved through occupational therapy.

Following illness or surgery, seniors may need occupational therapy to relearn how to get dressed, take a shower or empty the dishwasher. These seemingly simple daily tasks can become challenging and cumbersome for a person recovering from a stroke or serious illness.

The professional RESTORE Therapy team creates an individualized therapy plan for each senior, depending on their specific needs and goals. Therapists use modern technology to evaluate and help patients become stronger and more confident.

In addition to feeling more confident and relearning important skill sets, occupational therapy at Heritage Health which also result in improved sensory awareness and better fine motor skills.

Activities of Daily Living

Living Skills Retraining is a major component of occupational therapy with RESTORE. Living Skills Retraining is a hands-on approach that teaches patients how to perform activities of daily living.

So what are "activities or daily living"? Often called ADLs, these activities are things like putting on and taking off your shoes and socks. Getting safely out of bed, or out of a chair to a standing position. Being able to take a shower or use the toilet on your own. These activities are things many of take for granted, but can become quite challenging after an injury or illness. If a senior has suffered a stroke or other injury, simple tasks can become quite difficult to perform.

The Living Skills Retraining Studio is a mock living center – designed and set up to replicate a home environment. The set up may be different at various Heritage Health facilities across the state, but many include a mock kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and laundry room. Seniors are able to practice in a real-world environment that mimics their life at home. This hands-on approach gives patients confidence in their abilities.

Physical and Speech Therapy

Every senior has unique needs and their own goals when it comes to their therapy. Physical therapy and speech therapy may also be part of a larger care plan program. Both disciplines are also offered at Heritage Health facilities. A senior may want to return to living at home or is anxious to return to the golf course. Whatever their goal may be, the professional therapy team will work together to help each patient achieve their goals.

The therapy plan is part of a larger interdisciplinary effort from the entire Heritage Health nursing team. Dietary, nursing, social services and pharmacy departments are all involved in each patient's care plan to ensure all aspects of their recovery are addressed.

You can learn more about occupational therapy and other RESTORE Therapy disciplines by visiting Find the RESTORE Therapy program closest to you on our locations page.

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