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Charlie’s Retirement + Benefits of Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is a scientifically proven method of therapy that offers tremendous benefits to people of all ages. It is proven to:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve heart health
  • Diminish physical pain
  • Induce feelings of relaxation and promote stress relief

Let's not forget that the act of petting a furry critter, whether it be a dog, cat, llama, horse, hedgehog or something else, provides a connection to another living creature. These are connections that we all crave as humans, and can instantly lift a person's spirits and lessen feelings of isolation or depression.

Pet therapy can help people of all ages, races and medical conditions. It can help children focus better and increase their self-confidence. This in turn can boost their literacy skills which can translate into other improvements.

Animals are non-judgmental, and provide comfort with their mere presence. They do not ask anything from us except for our attention and maybe a little scratch behind the ears. An animal is content to sit near us and not ask anything from us. This easy interaction does wonders for decreasing anxiety and feelings of self-consciousness.

Even the mindless act of scratching a dog's head or brushing a horse can help with joint movement and motor skills. Looking forward to time with an animal can motivate a person to get out of bed, out of their room and out of their comfort zone.

Charlie's Retirement Celebration

At Heritage Health in Bloomington, the residents, family members, staff and volunteers have been fortunate enough to have daily dose of pet therapy.

Charlie, the "Morale Therapist", has been part of the fabric at Heritage Health for the last ten years. This June 21st, Charlie is officially hanging up his leash and retiring. Over the years, Charlie has brought moments of happiness and comfort to everyone at Heritage. He even has his own calendar, with monthly photos of him in countless adventures throughout McLean County. In recent years, the Charlie Calendar has even featured photos of Charlie's companions.

We hope you will join us to wish Charlie well as he settles into a relaxing life of gnawing on bones and taking naps in the sunshine. At 105 years old (in dog years), he has earned a few lazy afternoons. Don't miss the big event:

Friday, June 21st
Light Treats provided
Wishbone Rescue will also be at Charlie's Retirement Party with dogs available for adoption.
Heritage Health Bloomington: 700 E. Walnut Street

If you have any questions about Charlie's Retirement Celebration, please contact Alison at (309) 825-1409, or LIKE US on Facebook:

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Friday, October 18, 2019

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