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Don’t Fall This Fall! Senior Safety Tips

Don’t Fall This Fall!  Senior Safety Tips

Just because the leaves are falling does not mean you need to! We all lose our footing at times, but falls are particularly more risky for the elderly population. In fact, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) identifies falls as the number one cause of senior injury and accidental death. Some of the higher risk fall injuries include hip damage and head trauma, which can lead to life-threatening complications. Fall injuries sustained by seniors can make formidable obstacles to senior independence, sometimes causing seniors to seek safe living quarters outside of their homes.

For some families, skilled nursing facilities like Heritage Health are just right for their senior loved one post-fall. Heritage takes senior safety very seriously, furnishing living spaces to reduce fall hazards. Heritage Health also has a long history of rehabilitating injured seniors and helping them regain their footing.


Heritage Health skilled nursing facilities can help seniors fulfill doctor-ordered therapy hours through the exclusive RESTORE to Home therapy program. Certified Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists make the difference in Heritage’s RESTORE program! Specializing in senior care methods and utilizing cutting edge therapy equipment, the RESTORE therapists deliver effective care to elderly loved ones. Before seniors return home, the RESTORE therapists make a home visit to ensure seniors at Heritage Health go back to safe conditions—keeping them on the feet and on their own for longer.


Here are some fall prevention strategies and suggestions to reduce seniors’ risk of falling:


  • Provide ample lighting. Seniors and family members should ensure there are enough lamps, flashlights and bright light bulbs to illuminate seniors’ living space.
  • Attend regular vision check-ups. Seniors should visit their eye doctor on a regular basis to catch changes in prescription or health conditions affecting depth perception.


  • Install grab bars throughout the home. Providing something stable to hold on to can greatly assist seniors. Specific areas to consider installing grab bars or handrails include stairs, bathrooms and any other uneven surfaces.
  • Invest in non-slip rugs or mats. By increasing traction and stabilization, seniors reduce their fall hazards. Unsecured rugs present considerable hazard to senior health and should be removed.
  • Manage loose items. Seniors should avoid loose cords or keeping extra “stuff” that can impede walking paths. Removing clutter decreases seniors’ risk of falling.


  • Review medications with a doctor. Seniors should talk to their doctor about medication that may cause dizziness or imbalance. A simple prescription change can make a tremendous difference for seniors.
  • Watch alcohol intake. Drinking alcohol, even a small amount, increases everyone’s likelihood of falling. Seniors who wish to avoid a painful tumble ought to limit or eliminate alcohol from their diet.

The find out more about the RESTORE to Home therapy program and how Heritage Health skilled nursing facilities may assist your elderly loved one recover from a fall, please contact a Heritage Health near you.


For general information about falls in the elderly population, please visit Resources.

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