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Independent Living Communities

In today's society, there are a variety of senior living options available for seniors. Depending on the level of care they require, options can include independent living, assisted living or supportive living, assisted lifestyle, short-term rehabilitation (therapy), short-term skilled nursing and long-term skilled care.

Independent living is the most autonomous option. Seniors live in a residential apartment and receive minimal assistance, if any. These apartments are part of a larger community where things like lawn care, snow removal and general upkeep are taken care of by a maintenance crew. Shoveling snow and keeping up with a yard can become more difficult with age, and not something an older person wants to deal with any longer. Independent living apartments allow residents to spend their time and energy doing things they love and enjoy, rather than worrying about home maintenance.

When deciding if independent living is the right choice for your or an aging loved one, the first step is to determine if they can still live safely on their own. Independent living gives freedom of movement without the burden of home care, but is not the right choice for a person who needs medical care or cannot take care of their own needs. If you have any concerns about their ability to live alone in their own home, moving to an independent living community may not be the best choice.

Independent living is often confused with assisted or supportive living, but there is quite a difference. Assisted and supportive living provides various levels of care based on the medical needs of the person. Independent living does not offer medication management, meals, personal care services or assistance with activities of daily living. These are services provided at assisted or supportive living communities like Evergreen Senior Living. Some independent communities may offer housekeeping or laundry services, but this is not universal.

Moving into an independent living apartment can also help relieve financial burdens. Every community is different on what is included in the monthly rent, but it could be lower than the mortgage on a house and all the utilities that go with it. Each person's situation is different, so doing your homework and finding out what the monthly costs would be is important.

Heritage owns or operates seven independent living communities in Illinois. These are located in Normal, Jacksonville, Minonk, Litchfield, Gifford, Walnut and Mt. Pulaski. These communities have the added advantage of being located on campus with a skilled nursing facility. While persons living in these independent living communities do not receive any nursing care or assistance, they have the peace of mind that help is nearby should they incur an injury or illness.

Please visit our website if you would like to learn more about the independent living communities available in the Heritage family.

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