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Memorial Hospice at Heritage

Hospice Care is a subject that is difficult to broach. Thinking about end of life care is hard for people to consider because it means they will soon lose a beloved family member or friend. Hospice care is just that – CARE. The focus is on caring for, not curing, people who are terminally ill by providing medical, emotional and spiritual support so they live out their remaining days pain-free and with dignity. Providing the necessary support to grieving family members is also an essential part of hospice care.

Heritage Health in Springfield, Illinois has partnered with Memorial Medical Center (also in Springfield) to provide specialized hospice care. Named "Memorial Hospice at Heritage", the hospice unit is located within Heritage Health and has 19 skilled-nursing beds designed to meet the individual needs of each hospice patient as well as their family. While some hospice care services are provided in the individual's home, Memorial Hospice at Heritage in an inpatient service that offers private rooms so patients have access to round-the-clock care from specially-trained hospice nursing staff. The Memorial Hospice at Heritage team includes a medical director, registered nurses and LPNs to provide individualized care to each patient.

For family members, Memorial Hospice at Heritage offers comfortable seating and accommodations for overnight stays as well as a kitchenette, lounge area and shower areas exclusively for visitors. The social workers and grief support staff are there to provide emotional support to grieving family members and allow them to go through the process of losing a loved one knowing the medical needs are being taken care of. Grief support is available to families for 13 months after the passing of their loved one.

Choosing hospice care for yourself or a loved one does not mean you have given up on life. During the final stages of an illness or terminal injury, people can easily feel out of control or emotionally overwhelmed. Hospice care is a service that focuses on providing quality of life, with support and care that can help people feel more in control. The hospice care team at Memorial Hospice at Heritage can help show you what options are available and help both you and your loved ones during a difficult time.

Hospice care services typically include basic medical care with a focus on controlling pain and symptoms. Medical supplies and equipment as needed as also included. Hospice care is a service covered by Medicare, provided the requirements are met. Criteria for admission to Memorial Hospice at Heritage include:

  • A three-day qualifying hospital stay (three midnights)
  • The patient requires a skilled need
  • Goal of comfort and care, not a curative treatment

You can learn more about what Medicare covers related to hospice care by visiting their website. According to, Medicare hospice benefits cover care for the terminal illness for which you are seeking hospice care as well as the related conditions. Your hospice benefit should cover everything you need related to your terminal illness. For specific questions about the Hospice Care services provided at Memorial Hospice at Heritage or questions related to Medicare and hospice care billing, visit, or call directly at (217) 789-0930.

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