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May is Older Americans Month

Since 1963, Older Americans Month has been celebrated during the month of May. The start of this month came out of the realization that persons age 65 and older did not have significant programs to meet their needs. In the early 1960s, only about 17 million Americans were 65 or older and about one-third of them lived in poverty without resources available to help them.

The National Council on Aging encouraged President John F. Kennedy to designate the month of May as "Senior Citizens Month".It was a much-needed proclamation for the growing interest and concern for this demographic.

Today the charge for recognizing older Americans and their contributions marches on through the Administration on Aging. Now known as "Older Americans Month" the month of May is set aside to acknowledge the contributions of the senior population to our communities.

The theme for 2018 is "Engage at Every Age". This theme is meant to encourage seniors that they are never too old or too young to participate in activities that inspire them. Finding opportunities for both mental and physical stimulation are important at any age, as are finding activities that are emotionally enriching.

Ways to "Engage at Any Age" are different for every person, depending on their interests and physical abilities. Many older Americans enjoy volunteering and giving back to their community. There is a multitude of organizations in every community that need dedicated volunteers to give their time and energy.

For other Americans, learning a new skill is a fantastic way to stay engaged mentally. The options are endless: hobbies like sewing, gardening, wood-working, or going back to school to learn a new career skill set.

Older Americans who are still physically able may consider starting a new health regimen: yoga, Pilates or other low-impact activities. A regular routine of physical activity, whether it is a daily walk through the neighborhood or something more intense can sharpen the mind, too.

Every older adult has a lifetime of experience and wisdom to share. Celebrate this month by recognizing and thanking a senior citizen who has done something that personally inspires you. A personal note to an older person thanking them for the work they did in your community or your field of interest can make their day. Ask questions and learn about their life and what stories they have to share. Share photos of how the older Americans in your life are engaged at every age. Use the hashtag #OAM18 on social media to connect with others.

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