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Real Scares: No Tricks about Senior Fears

Real Scares: No Tricks about Senior Fears

The Halloween season traditionally celebrates the spooky and scary. Despite the many delights of the season—cute trick-or-treaters, zany holiday dishes, creepy movies—we recognize there are real frightening facts of life. While it can be fun to experience a little fright here and there, it is important to acknowledge the real fears seniors face as they age. Understanding seniors’ legitimate fears equips families and friends to be there for their loved one. After all, we all want to provide meaningful support to those we love.


A chief concern facing older adults is losing independence. Traditionally speaking, U.S. culture values independence, more so than many other cultures. Consequently, U.S. seniors tend to avoid receiving aid from their children or programs, preferring to inconvenience themselves to maintain their own affairs. As long as seniors demonstrate self-reliance, they deflect questions and prevent concerning their children. For many in the elderly population, self-reliance is comfortable, familiar and desirable.


On the other side, it is hard for adult children to watch their parents decline in health, physical stamina and mental acuity. This is made more difficult if aging parents do not acknowledge the reality of their condition. Some children intervene too much or too soon, which can backfire on the relationship and enforce their parents’ fear of losing their independence. The line between helping and hurting can be fine.


Let Heritage Health ease some of the tension between aging parents and adult children. Heritage skilled nursing facilities promote senior independence as far as safely possible. Residents at Heritage Health live confidently under 24-hour skilled nursing care in a warm, senior-friendly environment. As seniors work with their families to determine senior health care plans, Heritage Health offers credible resources and compassionate service. From day one, seniors receive care that aligns with their wishes, fostering a sense of control even when they need an extra hand.


Remember, senior health care is a team effort—be sure you are on the same team! Bear with each other through the journey, assuring your elderly loved one you aim to protect his or her independence. When you choose to come alongside seniors, you help alleviate their fears of aging. Contact a nearby Heritage Health skilled nursing facility to learn more about how Heritage supports senior independence.

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