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Respite Care for Seniors & Their Caregivers

With summer just over the horizon, vacations and holiday weekend trips are fast approaching. If you are the primary caregiver for an elderly loved one, respite care at Heritage Health is available to allow you time to take those vacations and recharge your batteries.

What is respite care? It is a short-term admission to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) for elderly persons who cannot care for themselves and who receive full-time care in a loved one's home.

Respite care is a solution that benefits both the caregiver and their loved one.

For the person admitted for a short time to a SNF, like Heritage Health, they receive all the same services and care as a long-term resident. Nursing care, medication administration, meals and dietary support are provided. Activities and events at the facility are available; participation is encouraged if the resident is able.

A change in environment can also be beneficial to the person receiving care. Respite care can be an opportunity to meet new people and participate in activities to which they otherwise may not have access. The opportunity to socialize with different people can be an important emotional boost.

Respite care also provides the primary caregiver with a much-needed break. Taking care of a loved one full-time is a daunting task. Many people feel guilty if they take time away from their caregiving duties, often feeling they should be there 24/7.

However, without an opportunity to rest and recharge, caregivers can easily become burned out. They can lose sight of taking care of their own needs and responsibilities, abandoning hobbies and other things they enjoy. It's vitally important that caregivers carve out time to step away from these responsibilities and focus on their own needs. The break will benefit both parties.

Respite care services are available for varying lengths of time. An admissions coordinator at the SNF can answer your questions about the services provided and what you can expect. Planning your stay in advance is important, so call the Heritage Health location nearest you to schedule time to fill out the appropriate paperwork, etc.

Find a Heritage Health location near you by visiting our locations page on our website. If you are a caregiver, respite care is a service you should take advantage of. Providing round-the-clock care to a loved one is a noble task, but also a difficult one. Don't forget to take care of yourself in the process.

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