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Seniors Benefit from Regular Exercise

Seniors Benefit from Regular Exercise

Everyone benefits from exercise, but seniors see compounded results! One of the best ways seniors prevent falls, reduce joint pain and stay independent is to exercise on a regular basis. Best of all, seniors need not worry about the type of exercise they choose—it is all good!


One of the most important items to note is the term “regular”. What does regular mean as it pertains to exercise? For cardiovascular exercise, seniors should aim for 150 minutes per week, or one half-hour session five times weekly. This could be walking, swimming, dancing, biking or any other activity that spikes the heart rate. Pairing cardiovascular exercise with two strength-building workouts is ideal for senior health. Resistance bands, free weights (dumbbells, kettlebells & barbells) and weight machines are excellent tools for building strength and muscle tone.


Variety & Balance
However seniors choose to allocate their exercise time, performing a variety of exercises brings added gains! Seniors may choose walking for their cardio one day, swimming the next and dancing on a third day. Not only does variety keep exercise “fresh” and exciting, but it helps seniors work out different muscle groups. Well-being comes from balance; consistently exercising one particular muscle group while ignoring another leaves seniors more vulnerable to falls. Stretching and balance exercises are also wonderful to incorporate into seniors’ exercise regimen.


Joint Pain
Seniors experiencing joint pain may shy away from exercise, saying it only aggravates their pain. A large number of seniors experience joint pain. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) note physicians inform 52.5 million adult patients they have a form of arthritis or related joint issue. Although resting a joint may seem beneficial, the opposite is true. Among the many positives like boosting energy levels and bone strength, seniors who regularly exercise build muscle surrounding their joint, effectively supporting weak or painful joints. Avoiding exercise simply increases joint stiffness.


Heritage Health skilled nursing facilities offer a variety of physical activities to support senior health. The Heritage staff loves to engage seniors in fun, health-boosting exercise! Perhaps seniors need extra supervision to guide their exercise, particularly following surgery or medical event. Heritage Health is happy to help! The licensed therapists in the RESTORE to Home program demonstrate knowledge and skill specific to senior therapy care. The RESTORE therapists assist seniors in the highly-advanced therapy gym at Heritage Health, which includes Biodex equipment and engaging exercise technology. Heritage’s RESTORE therapists are willing and able to help seniors resume an active lifestyle, or help seniors start one.


Bottom line, seniors earn great dividends from incorporating exercise into their lives, whether that be cleaning the house with gusto or jogging around the lake! Developing mind-body awareness through exercise protects seniors from conditions that might compromise their ideal level of independence, such as weakness or falls. Talk to a Heritage Health skilled nursing facility to learn more about how Heritage supports active senior living, no matter what level of fitness.


For more information about activity in senior life, please visit the following: Related Statistics to Joint Pain Relief

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