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Spring Cleaning for Your Senior Loved One

Spring is the season of rebirth. The trees, flowers and grasses are blooming and we all have a feeling of starting anew. While the winter months make us want to hibernate and hoard, spring brings the opportunity to clean out our metaphorical nests and start this season fresh.

Studies have shown that cleaning, organization and de-cluttering your living space can have a dramatic effect on overall mood, productivity and health. Spring cleaning is beneficial for everyone, whether you live in a large home, an assisted living apartment or in a nursing home.

Cleaning out Closets

If you have a loved one living in a senior living community or nursing home, space is likely limited. You will want to make time to remove bulky sweaters, coats and outdoor clothing from their living space to make room for clothing that is seasonally appropriate.

Depending on your loved one's personal preferences and activities, you will want to leave a few long-sleeve shirts, pants and a sweater or two.Older persons often have decreased circulation and like to have a sweater on hand to keep them comfortable. Outdoor activities where they will be in the sunshine also require appropriate coverage to protect them from the sun.

You may also consider bringing them a hat, sunglasses, gardening gloves and comfortable footwear for the warmer months. If your loved one participates in outdoor events at their nursing center, you will want to provide the right clothing options so they are able to enjoy outings and other activities.

Deep Clean

Emptying out drawers and closets give you the opportunity to do a deep clean of those areas. Dust and other allergens have a way of seeping into all corners of our lives. Empty out drawers and cabinets, then wipe down all sides and spaces of those areas with a dust remover or other cleaning agent. Removing the dust and other crumbs and trash that may have accumulated there will help reduce allergies and other respiratory concerns that plague us in the spring.

Miscellaneous Treasures

In addition to cleaning out the sock drawer, you will want to look at other treasures or belongings your loved one has accumulated over the past few months. The very trendy Marie Kondo method for keeping or throwing away items requires a person to carefully examine each item. By holding each item in your hand, you determine if this photo, craft, book or card brings you joy. If you feel joy and it makes you happy – you keep it! Otherwise, it goes into a pile for garbage, recycle or donation.

The photograph of your loved one's newest grandchild would likely be something worth keeping and displaying in a significant location. An empty box from a box of Valentine's Day chocolates should be tossed.

Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Helping your loved one de-clutter their living space can reduce their stress levels from being in an unorganized environment. The organization of important, daily use items can save time and frustration if they are able to easily find items.

Reducing clutter can also improve focus. Studies show a thorough cleaning and organization can help clear your mind of small tasks that need to be done. Instead your brain is able to focus on more important and more enjoyable tasks.

Heritage Health: Therapy & Senior Care

If you have a loved one living in a Heritage Health nursing center, or other nursing facility, talk to the staff about coming in for a spring cleaning of your loved one's room. They will appreciate the help to keep the rooms neat and tidy. Housekeeping and maintenance staff may also be available to help with hanging that treasured photo of the new grandchild.

Happy cleaning, everyone!

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Friday, November 22, 2019

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