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The Evolution of a Heritage of Care

Finding a company you trust is important. Especially when the care of your mother, father, husband or wife is concerned. Placing any family member in the care of others can be a difficult decision, whether they are in need of long-term care or short-term care.

Heritage is a company that has been specifically serving the senior population for more than 50 years. Over the years, our name has changed, but the core mission of providing exceptional care, comfort and support to those in need has remained the same.

In the early 1960s, the original owners recognized that the elderly population was in need of more care than they were receiving. Nursing homes were not how we think of them today – mostly they were residential homes that were turned into care centers. These homes were not designed for wheelchairs or for people who had trouble walking. There was no such thing as therapy and you can bet meaningful activities were not on the top of the priority list.

The founders of Heritage knew they could do better, and provide a safer environment for this population where elderly people could receive high-caliber nursing care. The corporate company formed was known as Heritage Enterprises, and they opened the first nursing home in Bloomington, Illinois. They called it Heritage Manor. This first home opened in 1963, with additional Heritage Manors opening up across the state of Illinois.

As the years went on, medical and technological advancements meant that nursing homes, now more broadly known as "skilled nursing facilities", were also changing. Again Heritage led the charge. As the needs and wants of seniors changed, Heritage transformed, too – continuing to build trust and provide remarkable care to the elderly. Therapy and pharmacy options became part of the fabric of what was available at Heritage. An interdisciplinary approach that included dietary needs and social well-being was now part of the care experience at Heritage.

In 2011, Heritage recognized that another shift in senior care was underway. More people were in need of short-term therapy options following surgery or illness. A long-term care solution wasn't what this group of seniors needed. They wanted a short-term stay while they restored their strength and abilities, with the end goal being to return home.

With the shift toward short-term stays, private rooms with WiFi, flat-screen televisions, private dining and hotel-like amenities became more common at Heritage facilities. Heritage Manor also changed their name, becoming Heritage Health: Therapy & Senior Care. This name change was a public reflection of our commitment to providing overall health services to the senior population. A manor is a place to live, but Heritage Health is so much more than that, it is a place to be well, thrive and grow.

Another name change has recently retired the Heritage Enterprises name, becoming Heritage Operations Group. As with the other changes over the past 50+ years, it is a change in name only. Heritage Operations Group is still owned and operated by members of the same family who had the original vision of bringing compassionate, extraordinary care to our elderly friends and neighbors. The Heritage name is one you can trust and count on. Learn more about our services and the more than 50 locations Heritage owns or manages by visiting our website.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

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