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Vohra Certification Received at Heritage Health in Springfield

Heritage Health in Springfield has been certified by Vohra Wound Physicians as a Center of Excellence for Wound Management. Only 10% of Vohra's skilled nursing facility partners have qualified for this annual certification.

Heritage facility places a top priority on healing and rehabilitating our residents to return them to their homes. We admit patients with chronic or complex wounds because we are equipped to treat them with our specialized wound management program.

Wound Care

Seniors often require wound care as a result of the natural aging and degeneration of the skin. Since the skin becomes thinner and less resilient with age, seniors' bodies are less able to fight off illness or heal. Medical conditions, such as diabetes and venous hypertension, compromise seniors' ability to recover from wounds. The poor healing ability of seniors' skin causes the elderly to be predisposed to developing and sustaining wounds for longer periods of time. With chronic wounds come the increased risk of infection, and other complications. Medical conditions, such as diabetes, can compromise the success of seniors' wound care too.

We have partnered with Vohra Wound Physicians to bring physician-led bedside wound care to our facility. A Vohra wound physician visits our facility weekly to treat our residents with wound and skin issues. Administering wound care at Heritage Health improves patients' clinical outcomes by effectively managing or eliminating infection, and it reduces the number of hospital trips seniors must take for routine wound care.

Our multispecialty team treats all types of wounds including pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, arterial wounds, diabetic neuropathic wounds, post-surgical wounds and others.

Heritage Health has an interdisciplinary team to care for our residents. The wound physician works with the primary care physicians, physical therapists, staff nurses and other specialists to ensure our residents are receiving excellent wound care.

As long-term facilities continue to provide more specialized services with complex ailments, the presence of a wound physician is an important link in providing superior care.

Heritage Health

Heritage Health in Springfield provides wound care, but also skilled nursing services, RESTORE Therapy and respite care. They are also partners with Memorial Medical Center in providing "Memorial Hospice at Heritage". The facility is located near the hospital at 900 N. Rutledge in Springfield. You can learn more about Heritage Health in Springfield at their website:

About Vohra Wound Physicians:

Founded in 2000, Vohra Wound Physicians is the leading physician network devoted to post-acute wound care in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. More than 240 physicians provide bedside care for patients in more than 2500 facilities across 27 states. We support our physicians and partners through our proprietary electronic health system, telehealth platforms, robust wound predictive tools, and most accessible and active education programs. For more information, visit

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