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resourcesAt Heritage, we recognize that the process of selecting a nursing facility can be very confusing, and at times, overwhelming. There are many questions too that you will need to answer:


When is the right time for myself or a loved one to move to a nursing facility? What type of living arrangement and level of care is the most suitable? How difficult will it be to organize a move? Will I be able to handle the emotions involved with this transition?


Thousands of our residents and their families look to Heritage when it comes to senior care. We want you to be able to depend on us too! Heritage is the source of elder care information for seniors, families, and senior care professionals. We welcome you to browse through our carefully selected articles and Web sites and encourage you to check back regularly, as we periodically add new, informative articles.



Specialized Services for Seniors & Caregivers: Respite Care & Short-Term Rehab


Generic Caregiving 51.mosAs adults reach their senior years, it is normal to rely on an extra hand for their medical care. Fortunately, seniors have choices for how, when and from whom they receive assistance. Some seniors prefer receiving care at home from a caregiver (often an adult child), while others rely on health professionals in clinical settings.


Caregivers who provide care in the home can provide wonderful hands-on attention, but the work is very taxing, not to mention seniors’ health conditions can change at a moment’s notice. Although home care may be “Plan A”, there may come a time when a loved one’s healthcare demands temporarily surpass a caregiver’s ability. Perhaps the primary caregiver may simply need a break to rest and recharge. Leaders in senior care respond to the growing need for temporary stays by expanding their services, including respite care and short-term rehabilitation.

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Confused About the Changes in Health Care? Heritage Health has the Answers.

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Got questions about health care? Well, who doesn't? It's no secret that the health care system is changing. One of the biggest changes is the role hospitals and other health care facilities will have in patient care.


Heritage Health has long been recognized in Central Illinois for providing nursing and long-term care for the elderly. While still offering long-term residential services, Heritage has refined another part of its service package to better address the new requirements and conditions in health care brought about by the Affordable Care Act of 2010. This enhanced service focuses on post-acute care and therapy services and is referred to as a skilled nursing facility.


Heritage Health has partnered with both Advocate Bromenn Medical Center and OSF St. Joseph Medical Center through their accountable care organization (ACO) groups to provide seamless, excellent and necessary medical care to patients. In a notable testament of all three organizations' desire to provide the best medical care possible, representatives from each group recently met to discuss the changes in health care and explain what their piece of managed care looks like and how they all work together for local communities.


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